Performance Videos

Our work on frog performance has produced thousands of videos. Here are a few for fun. Click on the images for a link to the video.


Jumping: This is the first video I (Moen) ever took while doing fieldwork, and it still may be the cleanest! It is a Polypedates leucomystax, an incredible jumper.


Swimming: This is a Chiasmocleis bassleri, one of the more well behaving species we’ve studied (they always swim very quickly across the surface).


Blooper: Here a Microhyla fissipes takes off well… until it hits the plexiglass wall. Yet, despite the collision, this was the kind of effort we try to capture – a maximum effort – because the frog does not take time to adjust position before taking off. We can later correct the data by using the lateral angle of jump and simple trigonometry.