Our lab in Fall 2018, getting ready to jump frog-style. See here if you would like to join us!

Lab head

Daniel Moen, Assistant Professor

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Monique Simon (2021–present): Evolution of form-function relationships in anurans




Rafael Bovo (2023–present): Effects of temperature on frog locomotion



Graduate students

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Undergraduate students

Megan Wildman (2022–present): Honor’s thesis on intraspecific variation in jumping and swimming performance


Lab alumni

Mitchell Aldridge (M.S. student; 2021–2023)

Kayleen Sugianto (Undergrad., 2022–2023)

Jack Spicer (M.S. student; 2018–2021)

Allison Hanna (M.S. student; 2016–2019)

Bryan Juarez (Visiting Ph.D. student from Iowa State Univ.; 2017–2019)

Elizabeth Mendoza (M.S. student; 2016–2018)

Gen Morinaga (post-doc; 2019–2021)

S. P. Vijayakumar (post-doc; 2017–2018)

Mardi Wisdom (Honor’s thesis; 2018–2019)

Hayden Dupire (Freshman Research Scholar; 2019)

Baylee Rae (Undergrad. and lab manager; 2017–2019)

Andres Vargas (NSF REU student, Summer 2019)

Steven Starr (NSF REU student, Summer 2019)

Alex Zakrzewicz (Pre-service Teacher/Researcher, 2018–2019)

Antonio Loper (Honor’s thesis; 2018–2019)

Alexis Butefish (HHMI First-year Scholar, 2018–2019)

Loretta Lacey (HHMI First-year Scholar, 2017–2018)

Halee Brew (HHMI First-year Scholar, 2017–2018)

Krista Thomas (Undergrad., 2017–2018)

C.J. Farmer (Undergrad., 2018)

Kelsey Speer (Undergrad., all of 2017)

Joseph Tucker (Undergrad., Fall 2017)

Dalton Hanson (Undergrad., Fall 2015 – Summer 2017)

Melissa Koehler (Undergrad., Fall 2016)

Ulysses de la Rosa (Undergrad., Fall 2016 – Spring 2017)

Roy Cruz (Undergrad., Spring 2016)

Chris Williams (Undergrad., Spring 2016)

Marianne Caron (Undergraduate volunteer and lab technician, 2015-2016)

Kate Adams (HHMI First-year Scholar, 2015-2016)

Elissa Brouwer (Undergrad., Fall 2015)

Michelle Tran (Undergrad., Fall 2015)